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Box One P9 X-Wide Multi Shift Groupset


FEATURES • Prime 9™ Technology
• Includes Our Simplest & Best Performing Cassette
• Ultra-Wide Ratio with Consistent Progression
• Durable Lightweight Unibody Construction
• Lightweight Internal Support Disc
• Shifter offers 2 pc Pull Lever / Up to 3 Gears Per Shift (Multi*) / 1 Gear per Shift (Single) Designed for E-bikes

• Hard Onyx Finish 
• Carbon Fiber / Nylon Composite, Steel, Aluminum Alloy 
• Hardened Alloy Steel Hardware
Prime 9 Technology is a counter-intuitive philosophy based on the less is more theory. It embraces range without adding complexity. The outcome is fewer parts, reduced weight, and increased durability.

9 speed has deep roots in cycling and has been around in various configurations dating back to the late 90’s, however, these configurations were almost always “3x” drivetrains consisting of a front derailleur with 3 gears and a non-clutch rear derailleur with a small range, 11-34 cassette. Prime 9 is unique in that it combines much of the durability and reliability of the traditional 3 x 9 speed drivetrains with the simplicity of modern 1x drivetrains. This creates a bomb-proof drivetrain that is easy to set up and has a simple user experience. Prime 9 chains have internal dimensions that are compatible with modern Wide / Narrow chainrings and perform similarly to 11 / 12 speed chains.. Externally, Prime 9 chains have dimensions similar to existing 9 speed chains. This unique geometry allows for thicker side plates than 12 speed drivetrains which resists stretching over time increasing shifting performance while decreasing wear on the cassette and chainring. More does not always mean better, and we believe that 9 is Fine!

An 11 to 50 tooth range is a large spread to cover over 9 gears, but we have tuned the gear ratios to have consistent cadence throughout the cassette range. This along with our optimized shift ramps makes for a smooth experience for any rider.

9 speed chains have been used on drivetrains for decades. To this day they are commonly seen on some of the most torturous bike styles such as touring bikes, meant to last 1000s of miles under extreme conditions. This long-standing reputation for durability easily trumps the potential savings of a few grams, especially on arguably the most important part of the drivetrain.

There are a number of benefits of an 11 tooth cassette design when compared to a 10 tooth. Prime 9 utilizes the 11 tooth design for two main reasons; Having more teeth allows for a more evenly distributed load from pedaling torque, increasing both cassette and chain life. Additionally, choosing an 11 tooth design allows Prime 9 Cassettes to be compatible with the most popular freehub body in the industry.

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