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Box One Prime 9 Shifter Black

  • • Our Best Performing Shifter
  • • Lightweight Hinged & Machined Clamp
  • • 1 Pc Pull Lever / Up to 3 Gears Per Shift
  • • Fast Action Release Lever
  • • Die Cast Top Shell
  • • Prime 9 Technology™
  • • Multi Shift Option Not Intended for E-Bike Use
  • • Single Shift Option Recommended for E-Bike Use
  • • Prime 9™ Drivetrain Compatibility Manual

    MaterialGlass Fiber / Nylon Composite, Steel, Aluminum Alloy
    FinishHard Onyx
    SKU: BX-SH1-P9A
    The Box One shifter is the only shifter on the market that comes factory stock with a hinged (and machined) clamp. It's top of the line and comes packed with other features such as a durable cast aluminum pull lever and top shell. All Prime 9 shifters take advantage of the 9-speed's inherent durability, simplicity, and reliability. Not only is the shifter mechanism joyfully simplified, but fewer shifts are needed for every mile of travel. And the best part is?  Prime 9 is also terribly forgiving so you won't have to constantly adjust your set-up. 

  • • Box One Prime 9 11-50T Cassette Black
  • • Box Two Prime 9 11-50T Cassette Black
  • • Box Three Prime 9 Cassette Black
  • • Box One Prime 9 Chain 126L DLC Black
  • • Box Two Prime 9 126 Link Chain Nickel
  • • Box Three Prime 9 126 Link Chain Polished
  • • Box One Prime 9 Rear Derailleur
  • • Box Two Prime 9 X-Wide Rear Derailleur Black
  • • Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide Rear Derailleur Black
  • Prime 9 Box One & Two Installation

    Yes. All Box One Twin Lever Shifters come with a stainless steel shift cable.

    To remove it, use a Phillips head screwdriver and turn it counter-clockwise a quarter turn You can then push the cap out by applying pressure to the cable from the other side. Please Note: The Cable Port is not a screw that un-threads from the cable port, if you turn the cable port screw more than 90 degrees damage may occur.

    No, traditional 9 speed systems use a Cable Pull that is not compatible with prime 9.