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Box One Stealth Expert 451mm 28h Alloy Wheelset

  • • Lightweight Wheel Build
  • • Instant Engagement
  • • Silent Low-Drag Coasting
  • • Shimano Driver Compatible

    Engagement SystemStealth Technology™
    Brake Type Rim Brake
    Axle10x100, 10x110
    Driver TypeShimano Single Speed External Thread
    Hole DrillingA28
    SKU: BX-WS1-STEA451
    The Box One™ Stealth Expert Alloy Wheelset is a top of the line alloy race wheelset right out of the box! Featuring Stealth Expert Hubs, Box One Expert Spokes, and Box One Alloy Hoops, this combination is built to perform!

    Box One™ Alloy Hoops have a no-nonsense low-profile design that eliminates excess material, making them some of the lightest weight double-wall rims available. Highlighting single eyelets to help prevent spoke pull-through, higher spoke tensions are possible.

    Box One™ Expert Spokes are a double-butted and 14 gauge (2.0/1.5/2.0mm) which makes them lighter AND stronger than traditional 15 gauge straight spokes. This is made possible by using a spoke that is 14 gauge at the ends but slims down 17 gauge in the middle -- this hourglass profile contributes to an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Additionally, we've included Lightweight Black Anodized Aluminum Nipples to further reduce rotational weight.

    Box One™ Stealth Expert Hub-sets are designed to be lightweight FOR lightweight riders and features small hub flanges, lower spoke counts, and decreased material to to trim mass. This makes these Hubsets the ideal choice for any Mini, Junior or Expert wheel build, but may also accommodate a lightweight rider looking to move up to a pro-sized bike.

  • Box One™ Alloy Front 451 Rim
  • Box One™ Alloy Rear 451 Rim
  • Box One™ Stealth Expert Front Hub
  • Box One™ Stealth Expert Rear Hub
  • Box One™ Expert Spoke Kit (x2)
  • Box One™ Rim Straps

  • This wheelset is only compatible with 451 compatible frames and tires.

    No, this wheelset does not include a cog, lock-ring or spacers but is compatible with Box Components accessories.

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