Box One X5 Fork

MSRP: USD $‎379.99
USD $‎379.99

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MSRP: USD $‎379.99
USD $‎379.99

Out of Stock

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  • New Steerer Tube and Fork Crown Interface
  • 1 1/8 to 1.5 Inch 7000 Series Aluminum Steerer Tube
  • Includes Box One™ Stem Lock
  • Includes Box One™ Fork Adapters
  • Weight Limit: Meets or exceeds EN Racing 14765 Standard

Use of a star nut is prohibited and voids the warranty for this product.
20 Inch24 Inch
Steerer Material7000 Series Aluminum7000 Series Aluminum
Offset32mm +/-1.5mm32mm +/-1.5mm
Steerer Tube (Ø)1 & 1/8 to 1.5 Inch1 & 1/8 to 1.5 Inch
Weight (+/- 5%)579 grams / 20.4 ounces616 grams / 21.7 ounces
Hex Lab OS1 Inch
Box One Center Clamp1&1/8 Inch
Box One Front Load1&1/8 Inch
Box One Top Load1&1/8 Inch
Delta1&1/8 Inch
Box Two Front Load1&1/8 Inch
Box Two Top Load1&1/8 Inch
Box Two Top Load 1 Inch1 Inch
Box Two Center Clamp 1 Inch1 Inch