Box One XL Fork

MSRP: USD $‎329.99
USD $‎329.99
MSRP: USD $‎329.99
USD $‎329.99

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  • New Steerer Tube and Fork Crown Interface
  • 1 1/8 Inch 7000 Series Aluminum Steerer Tube
  • Includes Box One™ Stem Lock*

Use of a star nut is strictly prohibited and voids the warranty for this product.
20 Inch24 Inch
Steerer Material7000 Series Aluminum7000 Series Aluminum
Offset32mm +/-1.5mm32mm +/-1.5mm
Steerer Tube (Ø)1 & 1/8 Inch1 & 1/8 Inch
Weight (+/- 5%)527 grams / 18.6 ouncesTBD
Hex Lab OS1 Inch
Box One Center Clamp1&1/8 Inch
Box One Front Load1&1/8 Inch
Box One Top Load1&1/8 Inch
Delta1&1/8 Inch
Box Two Front Load1&1/8 Inch
Box Two Top Load1&1/8 Inch
Box Two Top Load 1 Inch1 Inch
Box Two Center Clamp 1 Inch1 Inch

To determine compatibility, first examine the head tube of your frame. XL forks are compatible with both tapered (1&1/8 to 1.5 inch) and straight (1&1/8 inch) head tubes. XL forks are not compatible with 1 inch head tubes.


Please note, to use an XL fork in a tapered head tube requires installation of the headset reducer/crown race adapter included with our 1.5-Inch headsets.

Cutting a steerer tube is optional, but typically not required.

No. You must use the stem lock provided with the fork, or an equivalent expander plug (i.e. Box One Carbon Headset). Use of a star nut is prohibited and voids the warranty for this product.