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Box Two Brake Post Extenders

MSRP: USD $‎29.99
USD $‎29.99
MSRP: USD $‎29.99
USD $‎29.99


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Box Two™ Brake Post Extenders are the perfect solution for those riders in need of extra brake pad adjustment without switching frame sizes. CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, Box Two™ Brake Post Extenders easily mount to any frame’s existing cantilever brake bosses and provide an additional 16 mm of brake arm positioning. Typically, they are most useful when a rider transitions from one wheel size to the next (i.e. 451 to 406). Depending on your application, they can be mounted in either one of two positions -- above the frame's v-brake mounts, or below (see Technical).

Material6061-T6 Aluminum
ThreadM10 x 1.25
Weight32 grams / 1.1 ounces

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