USD $‎19.99

Box One I-Spec II R Shifter Adapter

  • • Compatible with I-Spec II R
  • • Matte Onyx™ Finish
  • • Fits All Box Twin Lever™ Shifters

    Hardware1215 Steel
    Material Aluminum
    CompatibilityWorks with 7, 9 and 11 Speed Systems
    Prime 9™ Technology offers a range of shifter clamps and accessories to convenience everyday riders. Cross compatible with simple and clean setups such as the Sram™ Matchmaker and Shimano™ I-Spec II brakes, Prime 9 accessories by Box are designed to convert any Box shifter to work with modern drop-handlebars or mount directly to your existing brakes.

    The Box Two I-Spec II adapter allows any Box Twin Lever™ shifter to mount directly to an I-Spec II compatible Shimano™ brake. This simplification makes any cockpit clean and tidy by integrating 2 clamps into one.

    Note: Does not include shifter or brakes.

  • • Box One™ 9S Shifter
  • • Box Two™ 9S Shifter
  • • Box Three™ 9S Shifter
  • • Box Four™ 8S Shifter