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Box Two Prime 9 X-Wide Multi Shift Groupset

  • • Prime 9™ Technology
  • • Simple
  • • Durable
  • • Performance
  • • Shifter offers 2-pc Pull Lever / Up to 3 Gears Per Shift
  • • Not Intended for E-Bike Use

  • • Box One Prime 9 Drivetrain Components
  • • Box Two Prime 9 Drivetrain Components
  • • Box Three Prime 9 Drivetrain Components

    MaterialGlass Fiber / Nylon Composite, Steel, Aluminum
    FinishMatte Black
    HardwareHardened Alloy Steel
    Our Box Two tier's mission in life is to deliver performance similar to the Box One but without its exotic (and costly) features. You still get the Tri-Pack™ Clutch in our derailleur only it isn't adjustable. The cassette's 11-50T range is equally impressive but we don't cut it out of a single block of steel. The action on the shifter is just as snappy although you don't get the rigid die-cast pull lever. The chain boasts the same unique ability to mate with a wide/narrow chainring except you give up the trick DLC top coat. You're hardly shortchanging yourself with Box Two.

  • Prime 9 Comparsion Chart

  • Prime 9 Box One & Two Installation


    Yes. All Prime 9 Twin Lever Shifters come with a stainless steel shift cable.

    To remove it, use a Phillips head screwdriver and turn it counter-clockwise a quarter turn You can then push the cap out by applying pressure to the cable from the other side. Please Note: The Cable Port is not a screw that un-threads from the cable port, if you turn the cable port screw more than 90 degrees damage may occur.

    No, traditional 9 speed systems use a Cable Pull that is not compatible with Prime 9.


    No, Shimano direct mount hangers are proprietary and are not compatible with Box derailleurs.

    No, traditional 9 speed systems use a Cable Pull that is not compatible with Prime 9.

    No, Box Prime 9 derailleurs are not currently compatible with drop bar shifters, but we do offer a clamp for our shifters to mount on some 31.8mm drop handlebars.

    We suggest removing the derailleur from the bike and using a soft bristle brush or rag with soapy water or a mild degreaser. We do not recommend pressure washing, strong solvents or degreasers as they could degrade the surface coating.

    Please see our installation video at


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