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Box Two Prime 9 126 Link Chain Nickel

  • • Our Most Durable Chain
  • • Nickel Plated Protection
  • • Durable Hardened Solid Pins
  • • Wide/Narrow Chainring Compatible
  • • Prime 9 Technology™
  • • Prime 9™ Drivetrain Compatibility Manual

    MaterialHardened Alloy Steel
    SKU: BX-CN2-P9A126-NI
    The Box Two chain's nickel plating adds both corrosion and wear-resistance. All Prime 9 chains have chamfered shifting edges, solid plates and solid pins to safeguard durability. Our unique inner link spacing is engineered to grab those modern wide/narrow chainrings. We chose to modernize the 9-speed platform due to the chain's spirited reputation.

  • •Box One Prime 9 11-50T Cassette Black
  • •Box Two Prime 9 11-50T Cassette Black
  • •Box Three Prime 9 Cassette Black
  • •Box One Prime 9 Rear Derailleur
  • •Box Two Prime 9 X-Wide Rear Derailleur Black
  • •Box Three Prime 9 X-Wide Rear Derailleur Black
  • •Box One Prime 9 Shifter Black
  • •Box Two Prime 9 Shifter Black
  • •Box Three Prime 9 Shifter Black
  • Prime 9 Box One & Two Installation

    Yes, All Box prime 9 chains have standard external geometry that will work with most existing 9 speed drivetrains.

    No, Box Prime 9 chains are compatible with most 11-speed wide narrow chainrings but there are some chainrings that can result in poor performance. We recommend the following 11 speed wide/narrow chainrings for best performance, Wolftooth Components, Raceface, One Up Components, Absolute Black.

    We suggest removing the chain from the bike and using a soft bristle brush or rag with soapy water or a mild de-greaser. We do not recommend pressure washing, strong solvents or de-greasers as they could degrade the surface coating.