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Hex Lab OS Carbon Handlebar

SKU: BX-HB17C2866-BK



4.5 Inch6 Inch
Clamp (Ø)28.6mm28.6mm
Material3k Carbon Fiber3k Carbon Fiber
Sweep6° back, 2° up6° back, 3° up
Weight205 grams / 7.2 ounces325 grams / 11.4 ounces
  • Carbon fiber products should ONLY be installed by a trained professional bicycle mechanic.
  • Carbon fiber products are designed to be lightweight and pass stringent EN standards, but they may not be suitable for all rider sizes and riding styles.
  • Check your carbon fiber parts regularly to ensure there are no deep scratches or gouges, chips, cracks, loose carbon fibers or any other surface imperfections.
  • Damaged carbon fiber can fail suddenly and without warning, causing serious injury or death.
  • Carbon fiber can conceal damage from an impact or crash. If you suspect that your carbon fiber part has been crashed or impacted, stop riding immediately and have a professional bicycle mechanic inspect the part.
  • Use only carbon friendly brake levers, grips and stems on handlebars/forks. Be sure to remove any burrs and sharp edges from any clamping surfaces that will be in contact with the carbon fiber. These sharp edges can damage and compromise the strength of the carbon product.
  • Carbon handlebars should be installed with carbon paste. The paste increases surface friction and allows for lower torque settings. When tightening the stem face plate, do so in a criss-cross pattern until the specified torque setting for the handlebar is reached to achieve a balanced installation. NOTE: Do not use the torque setting recommended for the stem. A carbon handlebar’s maximum torque is 7 Nm -- tightening a stem in excess of 7Nm can crush the carbon fiber tubing.
  • If narrowing a carbon handlebar, this must be performed by a professional mechanic using a carbon specific hacksaw.
  • Do not install bar ends on carbon handlebars.
  • BMX carbon forks and handlebars are for BMX racing ONLY and not for dirt jumping or any other use that is not for their intended purpose.
  • Carbon fiber products should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals, use only soapy water.
  • Always wear a helmet and wear the appropriate safety wear for the conditions that you ride in.
  • Prior to riding, always give your bicycle a safety inspection.