A Message From Toby

In 1974 I went racing. I was just a kid, but in 1979 it became real. I had stepped into a professional cycling career that took me to every corner of the globe. When the dust finally settled, I had gathered 20 years of racing seasons and experience under my belt. During that time I was lucky enough to have been part of the birth and growth of two major cycling disciplines. Bicycle Motocross and Mountain Biking. Although there were multiple BMX and MTB Championships along the way I feel the real success will come with Box Components. I have an overwhelming desire to create products that will evolve from my 20 years of riding and the relationships I have developed with other athletes and enthusiasts.


Toby Sig

Our Mission

Box Components was created with a rebellious vision and towering objective: to chart new courses and promote forward-thinking products.

Our Brand Promises / Slogan

Race inspired.

Efficiently designed components.

Connecting man and machine.

Our Racing Heritage

The Southern California racing heritage is an inseparable component of our company DNA. It is ultimately this trait that defines Box’s unique sense of style. Our products not only benefit World Cup champions, but also enthusiasts, regardless of riding ability.