Frequently Asked Questions


Per ODI, rotate the outer clamp rearward and tighten, rotate inner clamp forward and tighten.

Send a stamped addressed envelope; the more stamps used, the more stickers we'll send.


This is not subject to warranty. The screw and nut require checking as part of normal service. Replacement pivot bolt kits are available for sale at $4.99 each.



No, the torque setting on the stem is the maximum that the stem can be set to. The maximum that a carbon handlebar can be tightened to is 8 Nm.

No, the carbon BMX bars are designed for children and have a rider weight limit of 100 lbs.


No. Vector cranks are designed for bmx frames, which have different rear triangles than mountain bike frames. They are not compatible with the box one drivetrain.

If PF30, ensure that the delrin sleeve is central within the BB shell.

No additional spacers are required. The BB comes with one dust cover on the non-drive side.

No, M35's will only fit BB30/PF30 frames.

M30 Vector, but you will need to purchase an M30-BB86 bearing kit from Praxis™.

No, they are included for fine tuning chain alignment/crank arm clearance if required.

No, there is not a different clutch available at this time.

The Box One Rear derailleur is not compatible with SRAM 11 speed road shifters. It can be used with Shimano 11 speed road shifters (requires Wolf Tooth's Tan Pan).

We have not done much testing with traditional fat bikes with tires of 4" and up, so we can not confirm that poor chainline will not cause issues at this time.

No. Shimano's direct mount hangers are proprietary and are not compatible with Box derailleurs.


As long as the majority of the warning label remains, you can trim the label to suit the length of the steerer.

Use only box fork adapters when running a 10mm axle with a box fork that has 20mm dropouts. Do not use box adapters with forks made by other manufacturers.

Safety. A stem lock will hold a front end together in the event of steerer tube failure, an internal star nut will not.


Yes, you can download it here.



No, but the new Quantum hub will have different axles available.

No, the rim is designed for front use only where no brake is used, you will need the correct Box rim designed for rear wheel applications.

12-15 Nm