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Box One Alloy BMX Hoops

USD $‎59.99
Brake Rim
20” x 1.75 (406mm): 362 grams/12.7 ounces (ERD 394)
20” x 1 1/8 (451mm): 280 grams/9.87 ounces (ERD 438)
24” x 1.75 (507mm): 432 grams/15.2 ounces (ERD 494)
24” x 1 1/8 (520mm): 343 grams/12.1 ounces (ERD 516)

Brakeless Rim
20" x 1.75 (406mm): 295 grams/10.4 ounces (ERD 391)
20" x 1 1/8 (451mm): 244 grams/8.6 ounces (ERD 442)
24" x 1.75 (507mm): 400 grams/14.1 ounces (ERD 491)
24" x 1 1/8 (520mm): 287 grams/10.1 ounces (ERD 512)


Focus rims have a no-nonsense low-profile design that eliminates excess material, making them some of the lightest weight double-wall rims available. A 20 x 1.75 rim, for example, weighs just 362 grams/12.7 ounces. Strong and true, Focus rims have single eyelets to help prevent spoke pull-through, which means higher spoke tensions are possible.

Available in 36-hole 20 and 24 x 1.75-inch, and 28-hole 20 and 24 x 1 1/8-inch sizes in anodized red, blue, gold and black. Cruiser rims in 24 x 1.75-inch are available in black and gold. Meets or exceeds ENBMX standards.

Please note, Focus front rims lack a braking surface and are not designed to be used with rim brakes.

Note: 99 lbs rider weight limit for 20 x 1 1/8" (451mm) and 24 x 1 1/8" (520mm) rims

We recommend a spoke tension of between 110kgf and 115kgf. But remember, every rim is different. The mark of a truly skilled wheel builder is the ability to find the highest tension a rim will allow while staying true.

Technical Data:

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