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Box Two 35mm Bottom Bracket

ShellPF30 or BB30 only
Weight138 grams / 4.9 ounces

Vector specifics not covered in the video:

1. Unlike the BB in the video, the Vector BB has only one dust cover on the non-drive side. Don’t look for a missing second dust cover. There is only one. The Vector BB is drive-side/non-drive-side specific. The cranks will only fit in one direction. Be sure the non-drive side is on the left side of the frame. The non-drive-side has the dust cover and has a smaller ID than the drive-side. If the BB is installed backward, the cranks will not slide into the BB.

2. The Vector BB requires two M35 BB cup tools, which are provided with the crankset. Following the instructions in the videos, use BOTH BB cup tools to hold/tighten BOTH cups when installing. Two 1/2″-drive ratchet wrenches are necessary to do this.

The only difference between the two Praxis videos is one is for BB30 frames, while the other is for PF30 frames. PF30 frames require the use of the Delrin sleeve, while the BB30 frames do not. GT and Meybo are some of the companies using BB30 bottom bracket shells in their frames. DK and Staats use PF30 BB shells.

Installation Guide