Radian Rim Tape & Rim Straps

Available in two styles to fit 20 and 24 x 1.75-inch and 20 and 24 x 1 1/8-inch rims, Radian rim tape and rim straps are a great way to protect your tubes from punctures from the inside while adding major style points. The rim tape comes in 24- and 14-millimeter widths and has an [...]

Hollow Mini Stem (Available Spring 2014)

Used by two-time World Champion Dane Morales, Mini Hollow stems are cold forged from the highest quality 6061-T6 aluminum. They also feature an open skeletal design and single mid-bolt wedge mounting system, making them among the lightest weight mini stems on the market. A 40-millimeter extension stem weighs just 132 grams grams/4.6 ounces. The Mini [...]

Maximus Handlebars

Maximus handlebars are the first, modern, 31.8, oversize bars designed specifically for BMX racing. When used with the BOX Delta or Hollow, or Promax Banger OS or Impact OS stems (currently the only BMX stems on the market compatible with the Maximus bars), you get the stiffest cockpit available. The added stiffness significantly improves bike [...]

COMING SOON: Limited Edition Orange BOX Component Groups

Later this spring or early summer, BOX will offer a Limited Edition component group in BOX Orange. Each kit will include one each 20 x 1.75 Front & Rear Focus rims, a 48 or 53mm Delta stem, Eclipse 108 brakes, Genius Long brake lever and a Helix 31.8 QR seatclamp. Marc Willers has been riding [...]